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Olfa Lazreg olfa
Olfa Lazreg
État actuel: Watch "Djibouti : Un lieu plus sûr" on UNHCR Videos - http://t.co/RSxtcAn7Ey (479.6 jour(s) plus tôt)

Fonction et organisation: International Youth Fellow, UNFPA
Sexe et âge: Femme, 27
Endroit : Sousa, Susah
Pays de résidence Tunisie Tunisie
Pays de naissance Tunisie Tunisie
Nationalités: Tunisian Tunisian
Citoyennetés: Djibouti Djibouti
Langues: français , arabe , anglais , espagnol
Site web: Site Web http://www.sidasousse.com
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À propos de moi   À propos de moi
My name is Olfa Lazreg, I’m 25 years old and I’m from a lovely country called Tunisia.
I just finished my studies on Pharmacy and I’m going to be graduated by the end of April 2012.
I joined the Tunisian Association against STI’s & HIV/AIDS six years ago and that was my first step towards the achievement of my dream which is to act in a global context and to create a positive change.
I believe that young people have an important impact in their community and they have to be highly involved on public health problems.
Since I was young, I was particularly interested by HIV epidemic, my family was involved on this issue, I was meeting people living with HIV and that’s affects me a lot; Since, I was determined to became involved in this cause and I decided to join a regional association working on this issue which is my current NGO.
After getting some experience, I joined a national Network of youth peer educators working on sexual and reproductive health (Y-PEER) where I become a trainer of trainers, and that’s allowed me to improve my knowledge, to develop my skills and of course my personality.
I’m also highly affected and interested by Human rights issues, particularly Women rights; I believe that women in our world are highly effective. I’m committed to defend the rights of women in my country especially in post revolution context.
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Adhésion le: June 9, 2008
Dernière session: January 7, 2013
Niveau d'activité Rang d'activité #1043

Olfa Lazreg

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