Ugonna Wachuku

in Mexico

Ugonna Wachuku

in Mexico

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"Goodnight to the Mountain: Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This climate change is terribly threatening! This global warming strikes at the soul of our earthly existence. We must act now, on this truly trying journey called life! All enchanting earthly education is needed. Whispering winds call us to new beginning. But we are still dancing. We are still dancing to that music of freedom. We are still dreaming when we should have woken up to protect and preserve earth's dying environment! Then, let us wake up and build our battered planet. Let us rise with the sun and say good-bye to hopeless dreams of the night. Let us follow the whispering wind's voice and find the beauty of this earth. Let us watch the fig tree shed its leaves and know that the season is near ....................."
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