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Luiz Pagano

in São Paulo, Brazil

Luiz Pagano

in São Paulo, Brazil

About me
International Business professional specialized in introduction new products into the market. Currently engaged in the magnificent PROSPENOMICS project, a world transition to a Post-Scarcity Economy.

If I could change one thing about the world...
BASIC ARGUMENT OF PROSPENOMICS Individual wealth is not prosperity - prosperity only happens when the group achieves wealth in harmony ....Socialism fails by focusing too much on equality – by inhibiting ancestral human instincts, society tends to a lack of satisfaction, of freedom and leading the economy to collapse in semi-poverty; ....Capitalism fails by focusing too much on selfishness – making people believe that the unequal accumulation of resources is good for society, causing poverty and imbalance opportunities; ....Prospenomy is a third option in which the exploitation of resources with balance and intelligence creates post-scarcity, favoring a community that prospers by logic, real dedication to talents and by the fraternal spirit.


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