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"We need to allow our children to play. While they play they should be learning. Education needs to have factors of enjoyment to encourage the next generation to learn how to think and not what to think. There also should have a element of compassion for their fellow man and negative violence needs to be removed from everyday life."
"We live in a negative world that is not informed or misinformed. The global media is more propaganda then truthful news. The world is controlled by major corporations that think death caused by them is collateral damage. There is so much negativity in the world with wars and religious unrest, I ask why. Every person on earth has the opportunity to pay it forward in some small way. They have some small gift that makes them unique and AWESOME that they may share. The people of the world need to learn to cooperate and work together to create a better world for the generations to come. We must become aware of the truth, question anything and everything until you believe you know the truth. Prejudice is taught and can carry on for generations and most likely no one can tell you why. We are one race; The Human Race. Our beliefs, need to be personal, we should practice with those who believe the same and not force our beliefs on others. Remember God created man, man created religion"
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