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Adanna C. questIT
Adanna C.

Title and Organization: I'll forever be a student!, The Institution of Life and its Experiences
Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Country of Residence: Canada Canada
Country of Birth: Nigeria Nigeria
Nationalities: African Canadian African Canadian
Nigerian Nigerian
Languages: English , Igbo , French
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PROFILE UPDATE: It’s been a year since I joined TIG and there are a few things I have learnt so far that I will like to be reflected in my profile.

Although I am a great planner, I have somehow always ended up being a mediocre doer. Most ideas I come up with are aborted long before they even come out of my head either because I somehow "run out of time" to implement them or because I never think they are good enough.

I’ve come to realize that staring at the monstrosity of the list that is my “all-the-things-I-could-have-done” has - if anything- deterred me from achieving more because I’ve wasted even more time thinking “Oh, if only” rather than “Well, what next?”.

I joined TakingIT Global because I felt that being among other people devoted to the same objectives as myself will encourage me to be on the forums constantly and finally start DOING things rather than just PLANNING them.

I realize now, that the crown does not make a King great… Being with people who share similar goals can only drive you so far if a major part of the effort does not come from within. Being with fellow TIG-ers – no matter how amazing they are (and those I have talked to so far are some of the most inspiring people you'd find)- did not translate into my accomplishing some of the things I wished to accomplish through TIG.

In memory of my 1st TIG-nniversary, I have decided to be driven by my own goals towards making accomplishments; to get my motivation from the inside rather than looking to others to find my drive.

Here’s to achieving Active Rank #1-5 by my 2nd anniversary! *Cheers*

Remember: “You're only given a little spark of madness.” (Robin Williams). Make the most of it.

PS: Do make use of the messenger by saying 'hi' to me or chatting me up on mutual issues etcetera. I always love to engage in new experiences.

Have fun TIG-ing!!!
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User Joined: July 30, 2010
Last Login: July 22, 2013
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Adanna C.

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