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Priya priyaverma

Title and Organization: Innovator and Environmentalist, Global Advisor of Taking ITGlobal Advisory Committee
Gender and Age: Female, 22
Location: Kindersley, Saskatchewan
Country of Residence: Canada Canada
Country of Birth: India India
Nationalities: Indian Indian
Citizenships: India India
Languages: English , Hindi , Punjabi
Website: Website http://www.cywe.org
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About Me   About Me
Priya’s Story/Achievements
Priya is a student , writer, journalist, artist, innovator scholar, environmentalist, space scientist, youth leader, role model and social worker and state, national and international award holder in the field of environment protection from India joined a small, but growing number of change makers. A multi-talented scientist, Priya's originality could have a massive impact on communities across the globe. Her project on “Increasing underground water resources” has been recognized by Govt. of India and accepted worldwide for the conservation and preservation of precious water in the world for the protection of the life ,environment and the earth. The technologies suggested in her innovative projects is universally applicable, globally novel, non-obvious, cost-effective, eco-friendly, utilitarian and can be applied anywhere in the world to save the precious underground water resources and receiving appreciation and recognition to her innovative work from all over world. She is working on this project since 2006 and creating awareness in the world through her innovations .Her project has also been displayed at the UNEP International Project Gallery 2007, Volvo adventure at Goteburg in Sweden. Indeed, she has won recognition in many countries for her work and she has many great talents - she is a accredited writer and published more than 700 articles on burning issues of the society and created awareness in society. She is a Pogo Amazing Kid Leader and a member of International Eco-Hero Award, 2008. She is also a leading young actress who has worked in film and TV. Priya's work is also recognised by the Indian Government, which conferred a National Youth Award 2007 on her. Recently she received International Diana Award 2008-09 from Mr. Gordon Brown the Hon’ Prime Minister of UK for her outstanding work to the world . She has been awarded the life time membership award by the Nobel prize society of scholars (NSHSS) USA. She represented India in NASA in space settlement design contest in 2009. Presently she is working on energy conservations, environment protection and aerospace programs and working for the betterment of the world She has been selected as a global change maker of the British council of India and Switzerland for the climate change programs. Her profile is displayed in change.org and change makers.com. She is associated with many international organizations and a member Teens of planet earth, USA, Advocate of Student world Assembly USA and a team member and advisor of Conrad Foundation- Spirit of Innovation Awards in the field of environment. water, energy and aerospace explorations. Her project on energy solutions and space technology has been approved by the Concord foundation USA for the Spirit of innovation awards and displayed in their website. Group and Project leader of the Roots and Shoots, The Jane Goodall institute USA and her projects on water, energy and on environment has been approved and displayed in their database and awarded Global Recognition Certificate to her project. She is a online writer of association of Young Journalists and writers AYJW, USA. She is a member of Ashoka Changemakers and Talented Young People Ltd ,UK and her profile has been posted in their websites. Her profile is also displayed by the Epsilon Sigma Alpha International, USA in an exhibit of pictures in their International Conference in San Antonio, Texas, USA from 12to18 July 2009 to recognize her work in the world. Recently she has received the “Luminous Ghar Ka Chirag Award” from Luminous Power Technologies in social service. She has been nominated as a member Scholar of the IGGY, University of Warwick,England, UK only 5% top scholar of world are nominated for this lifetime membership award. She is a active member and writer of TakingITGlobal, USA and her profile and story is displayed in the website to inspire others. Her articles, poems, paintings and projects on water, energy solutions and space technology has been displayed in the TakingITGlobal website. She is the Propounder of the “Sun Theory of Explosion” appreciated by NIF, ISRO and NASA and been published in the 2012 Doomsday predictions, NUC Nuclear Energy and Jet Article. Her idea for change on the topic “Role of science to make a better world” is also posted in the website of change.org for public voting. Her work has been displayed in print and media many times. She is a writer of articlebase.com and articlepublication.com her articles has been published in their Journal. Her research paper on “How to avert disasters of space debris and junks” has been published in the leading science online journal SPACE TECHNOLOGY. She is truly a role model and youth leader of the world and deserve to be honored and encouraged. Chandigarh Administration has honored her with State award twice in 2006 and in 2009 for her outstanding work in the field of Art, Culture, literature and Environment. She has been awarded Life Time Membership award by Association of British Scholars Chandigarh , British Council of India in 2010. She has been also nominated as a Global member of the Internet Society of USA and Switzerland and the member of You Think, World Bank, USA. She is a Official member of Youth for change International.(YFCI).Her story has been posted in the Leadership profiles of YPWC website to motivate others. She is a member of G-Summit 20 countries. Her Girls 20 number is 3922 and nominated for the G-20 Summit and a member of CNN HERO . Her article on Earth Day 2010 has been posted by the British Council Switzerland in the website at Global Change makers blog and received appreciations. She is a member, writer and reporter of allvoices.com USA and The India Post. She is the winner of the International Nobel Claes Scholarship Award 2010 from Nobel Prize Society, USA. She is a member of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award program , UK. Priya is a member of Young Feminist Wire and a strong supporter of women empowerment and working for the up liftment of girls, women and youths. Her initiatives has been displayed in their website.Chitkara University India, has held a press conference on 16.6.2010 to honor Priya for her achievements and bringing laurels to the university and the country for her achievement in academics, leadership, college activities and social work.. Recently her story has been posted in the website of Amazing Kid, USA to inspire others and she is role model of youths. Her work on renewable energy, conserving and preserving natural resources and the planet has been appreciated by Like A Drop of Water Writing Project Team. Her project on Water Management has been supported and appreciated by the Shelia McKechnie Foundation , London, UK. She is a member of their Campaign Central and her profile and campaign has been appreciated and posted in the database /website to promote her work. She is a member of FHTEW ( Uniting Youth Against Climate Change) and her story and work has been displayed in their website for youth lead change in the world. She is the International winner of the Essay contest organized by the likeadropofwater.org and winner of cash award. She is a Project member of First here and Than everywhere and her story has been posted in their website. She is the International winner of the Essay contest on Climate change and Pollution organized by the likeadropofwater.org and winner of cash award. She has been awarded United Nations Outstanding Youth Achiever Recognition International Award 2010 as Youth leader and her humanitarian efforts in the support of UN Millennium Development Goals in the 7th Youth Assembly held in New York, USA in August 2010.



Priya is a student of IT in a dual degree course from Chitkara University, India and George Brown College, Canada. She is a Writer, Journalist, Innovator, Space Scientist, Environmentalist, Artist, Youth Leader, Social Worker and a Change Maker. Her achievements/ Awards are listed below:-

• The International Diana Award from the Mr. Gordon Brown , the Hon’ Prime
• Minister of UK in 2009.
• Winner of Nobel Claes Scholarship of $5000 from Nobel Prize Society of Scholars(NSHSS) USA in 2010 for Academics and Leadership.
• United Nations Outstanding Youth Achiever Recognition International Award 2010 as Youth leader and for her humanitarian efforts in the support of UN Millennium Development Goals in the 7th Youth Assembly held in New York, USA in August 2010.
• Innovator and developer of environmental friendly technological Project on “Increasing Underground Water Resources” recognized by Govt. of India , UNEP and organization worldwide.
• Represented India in NASA Space Settlement Design Contest 2009.
• Certificate of Achievement Award from Microsoft USA , Poland 20 imagine Cup 2010.
• Project leader of Roots & Shoots , Jane Goodall Institute, USA in Water & Power and environmental projects.
• Project leader of Conrad Foundation ,Spirit of Innovation Award, USA in Space Technology , Water & Energy Management.
• National Youth Award from Govt. of India
• Selected for the Global Youth Conference, USA twice in 2008 & 2009.
• Pogo Amazing Kid Award Leadership Category.
• International Eco-Hero Award( Runner Up)
• State Award from Chandigarh Administration in Art, Culture, Literature & Environment.
• International Winner of Global Essay Contest and cash award on Climate Change and Pollution organized by likeadropofwater.org. My Winning Essay will be sent to White House and other Governments of the world and will be aviable in E News across the world.
• Went to Singapore on a study Exchange Program and represented India.
• Disaster Management Award from Federal Govt. of USA.
• Young Learners award from University of Cambridge.
• Propounder of “Sun Theory Of Explosion” appreciated by NIF,ISRO and NASA Published in NUC Nuclear Energy and 2012 Dooms day Predictions.
• Her research paper on “How to avert disasters of space debris and junks” has been published in the leading science online journal SPACE TECHNOLOGY.
• Life Time Membership Award from Association of British Scholars, British Council of India.
• She is a accredited Writer and Poet with 700 published articles.
• Member Scholar of IGGY, University of Warwick, England UK. Only 5% top scholars of the world are selected for this award.
• She has received the “Luminous Ghar Ka Chirag Award 2009 ” from Luminous Power Technologies in Social service.
• University Topper In IT Ist year from Chitkara University, India
• A active member of Teens Planet Earth, TakingITGlobal, student world Assembly,Changemakers.com, smk.org.uk, Change.org, first here and than everywhere, British council Switzerland global change makers, YFCI, YPWC, Student world Assembly, Youthink World Bank, AIESEC, AYJW USA , Girls and women.com, G-20 Nations, Global Internet Society, USA and Switzerland and many other international organizations.
• Her story has been displayed by Talented people Ltd UK, YPWC, Teens Planet earth, TakingITGlobal, SMK.org.uk, Changemakers.com Teen planet earth and many other organizations to inspire others.
• A leading Child Actress and Dancer worked in Films, TV serials and Albums.
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