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~Mary*Anne~ maryanne2001

Title and Organization: Citizen of the World
Gender and Age: Female, 28
Location: San Paulo, São Paulo
Country of Residence: Brazil Brazil
Country of Birth: Brazil Brazil
Nationalities: Brazilian Brazilian
Citizenships: Brazil Brazil
Languages: English , Portuguese , Spanish
Website: Website http://ma2k1.blogspot.com/
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About Me   About Me
I'm just a girl trying my best to be more than just a mere passer by on the planet. I don't have any extremely ambitious plans of trying to save the world all on my own, but I do plan on leaving my mark *somewhere* and living my day to day life in the most sensible way possible, taking into consideration the impact of my decisions and my choices, and trying to raise awareness to topics that I consider important, and maybe that way, help motivate people into making a positive change in the society they are a part of.

Currently, I am a Radio & Television student, with the ambition of getting into the world of mobile and internet media, and using mass media as a tool of education. My dream is to be a specialist in the convergence of mass media and education, be it formal, or informal, academic or the skills necessary to make the most out of the day-to-day life.

As far as work, I am the editor of my college's Culture E-Magazine (www.facasper.com.br/cultura/site), and an editorial intern here at TIG, responsible for the Technology & Innovation section. I also teach young children and teenagers how to speak English.

As to my involvement, I work with ADD - the Athletic Association for the Disabled, with their communication department, but I mostly work at particular events.

In regards to personal beliefs, I believe that there are way too many incoherent decisions being made by people with too much power, and that there is too much selfishness and corruption in the world. I am hoping to somehow change this picture into something much more positive, where people understand how much more valuable it can be to work towards the good of society , instead of always seeking personal gratification only. A community that works together can achieve much more than one person working alone... I just hope that all that work is being put into making the world a better place, and not just profits and sales and higher salaries. Personally, I am not much of a materialist. Despite enjoying a certain degree of comfort and privacy, I am quite frugal in the rest. I am the type of person that does not see the need for a Mercedes when a public bus or the subway will take you to the exact same place. I believe that there are small, conscious decisions that people can choose to do every single day, that will not be much of a sacrifice but that will greatly impact their immediate surroundings. I value personal relationships more than I value material possessions, although I do recognize their importance, and I believe they have their place. I just think that being ostentatious is unnecessary, and sometimes, even unwise. Despite all this, I still respect a person's ability to choose for themselves, and I will defend to death their rights to do what they so wish, as long as not illegal, or harmful... But that doesn't mean I will be quiet and not express my opinions. I simple understand that people have their own opinions, regardless of mine... And that is ok too. Diversity is not bad, arguments are healthy, different view points make the world an intellectually richer place. I could go on and on and on about my opinions, but feel free to contact me if you want to know the rest of them, or want to debate any of the points I already mentioned above.

A bit about my background: I am 21 years old, born and raised in Brazil, and residing in the city of São Paulo. I have had the privilege of travelling to many places and meeting people from all over the world, that have constantly opened my eyes to new possibilities, to new ideas, and of course, to new friendships, that are worth more than all the diamonds in the world. :)
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