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Marie-Christine Gélinas mariie44
Marie-Christine Gélinas

Gender and Age: Female, 21
Country of Residence: Canada Canada
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About Me   About Me
As humans, we have the possibility to understand and control the world around us. The power of our mind is unbelievable. From nuclear power stations to jet planes and 3D televisions, our power on earth seems unstoppable. According to the Christian religion, we, humans, are supposed to take care of our planet through our consciousness. The decline of religion is felt everywhere around the world as men are exploiting the given resources of the Earth for the benefit of hungry multinationals and corporations. They claim they provide employment for everyone, but their cruel kindness leads them to want nothing but power and wealth at the expense of individuals who live under their control and must obey them to survive. With no environmental empathy, they do not respect the labor laws and realize the impacts of their actions.

They kill, steal, and take advantage of some resources they take for granted. Aren’t the resources supposed to belong to all mankind, as well as animals and plants? Animals have the same rights to live as us. We often forget that we are only mammals. Instead of surviving, we over consume. Instead of being satisfied with our possessions, we want more. All humans are selfish. We will continue on exploiting the world until nothing alive remains, no more resources nor more life on earth. We depend on those natural resources. Thus, when the end of the human era will come, all our technical advances and our inventions will fall into oblivion. Money won’t be useful anymore because it is only a social convention. A rich man will be as rich as a beggar. Therefore, this is not worth the loss of so many plants and animals species. Our power and intelligence lead us straight to our loss and to the death of our planet. In the end, “our intelligence would only have been a big poisoned gift.” (Translation of Plus rien – Les Cowboys Fringants)

The power will hypnotize us until we no longer remember where we come from. Over time, we have lost our empathy that makes us human, that differences us from normal animals. By now, we can see that often, animals are more human then human themselves.

Now, can we still believe of having a better world? It’s never too late. Everyone can change our planet’s future. Every little things counts. Educating the youth is the best way to change things and expressing ourselves is a good way to start.

“God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages” Jacques Deval
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Marie-Christine Gélinas

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