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Ajay Kumar Uprety
Статус: @RukhGrg अनुसन्धान कम बिश्लेषण धेरै भएर हो कि त? (1.2 дней назад)

Должность и организация: Regional Focal Point, South Asia, Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS
Пол и возраст: Мужской, 29
Местонахождение: Bagmati
Страна проживания Непал Непал
Страна рождения: Непал Непал
Национальность/и: Nepalese Nepalese
Гражданство: Непал Непал
Языки: Английский
Веб-сайт: Веб-сайт: http://www.gyca.org
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Ajay is currently working for the Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS as Regional Focal Point for South Asia, where he coordinates young AIDS activists from around the South Asia and supports them to make change in the local level. Besides this, training the young mass of activists around Asia in advocacy, conference planning is regularly carried out by him in coordination with several organizations working in the region.

He served as Coordinator of Bali Youth Force which was first youth union formed to facilitate youths’ movement and advocacy during International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific 2009. He was Youth Mentor of 5th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights, where he worked to facilitate participation of young delegates. He was actively working on Youth Commitment Desk of both ICAAP in Bali, Indonesia and APCRSHR, Beijing, China, which was new in the history of both conference and was successful also to get commitment from high level UN officials, other INGOs, NGOs and governments personalities.

In Nepal he worked as the Program Officer of Youth Initiative for one year and worked on several youth issues like civic and political participation, youth advocacy for youth policy and trained the young people from colleges on leadership. He was Coordinator of HIV and AIDS program of Youth Initiative and designed and implemented several workshop and seminar related to the issue.

Now he is working with Leaders Today as Course Director.
He is co-founder of youth organization YUWA.

Ajay did M.Sc. in Microbiology from University of Mysore.
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Ajay Kumar Uprety

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