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Invisible Youth Network

Title and Organization: Founder & Chairman, Invisible Youth Network
Country of Residence: United States United States
Country of Birth: United States United States
Nationalities: American (US) American (US)
English English
German German
Citizenships: United States United States
Languages: English , Spanish
Website: Website http://invisibleyouthnetwork.net
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Would you believe that there are very few organiztions that address the issues of our homeless youth despite the media reports that there 1.5 million young people living on the streets everyday. The government shows little concern for a problem that effects mostly non voters who have no commercial value for society. There is no strong lobby group waving the banner to support their cause. Support for the homeless is usually left up to religious organizations who, like the rest of America are migrating to the suburbs where the problem "appears" non-existent. Urban churches spend much of their contributions on maintaining antiquated century-old buildings.

Now, the Invisible Youth Network steps into the picture.

The Invisible Youth Network is committed to recruiting individuals interested in working with homeless youth as youth advocates. Our volunteers continue to come--and remain with us--because of their own commitment to the work we do. The benefits of their involvement and the experience that they gain is invaluable to all concerned.

The Invisible Youth Network is an !00% volunteer organization. We have no overhead for offices, expense accounts or publicity. Every penny goes to outreach for the kids as verified by our publlic records (by appointment only) with all receipts of accrued expenses and income on file. Our organization exists due to the dedication of our volunteers and members who donate their money, time and effort.

Our goal is to continue to motivate people to become engaged in activities that are in the best interests of our homeless youths as well as society at large. Surveys and anecdotal evidence suggest that most of the homeless have the potential to lead productive lives. Many have considerable skills and education but have been derailed in their lives due to a variety of circumstances. The Invisible Youth Network wants to put these young people back on track and to support them in becoming valuable members of society instead of a drain on it.

Your partnership adds your support and prestige to our endeavors on behalf of homeless youth walking the streets of our cities. Please join an increasing number of organizations like San Diego State University who are affiliating themselves with the Invisible Youth Network.

Add your voice to our partnership list and make a difference in these kids’ lives.

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Invisible Youth Network

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