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Dr.M.Mukhtar Alam
Status: TIG is the first online community that came across and it is privilege that I participated in the foundational discussions. (1294.8 days ago)

Title and Organization: Executive Director, Centre for Ecological Audit, Social Inclusion and Governance
Gender and Age: Male, 49
Location: New Delhi, Delhi
Country of Residence: India India
Country of Birth: India India
Citizenships: India India
Languages: Arabic , English , Hindi , Punjabi , Urdu , Farsi
Website: Website http://updates.takingitglobal.org/read/Muhammad_Mukhtar_Alam
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About Me   About Me
MY association with TIG started initially through its founder Jennifer Coriero with whom I had e-mail communication in 2001 and I got an opportunity to send in my inputs for mission and vision of TIG. Thus I have involved in formative stage of TIG and wished for the development of a community of youths who will contribute in shaping ecologically safe and sustaianble consumption ,production, behavior patterns. I pray for very positive role of TIG leaders all aroud the world and I would like to provide my time to anyone in providing the neccessary help .

I co-founded International Youth for Humanity on 17 September in 1989 after organizing a students rally called "Youth March for Humanity against Nuclear Weapons and Arms Race " in Delhi as Vice- President of International Students House Union In Delhi. I have completed post-graduation with special papers in Clinical Psychology.I developed special interest in addressing the systemic issues related to the incidence and prevalence of neurotic and psychotic disorders while being concerend with collective wellbeing of humanity in face of ecological and nuclear disasters. After discussing with Prof. HC Ganguli, I realised that I should explore the identity of 'world citizen' as past of identities for generating more an more responsiveness, connectedness and accountability for issues facing the humanity in general.I also realised that it is through maximising social support that mental illnesses could be minimised.

Finally after years, I got my Ph.D award for my doctoral dissertation on "A Study of Cognitive Representations related to the Concept of World Citizen" on 28 February 2004. I pray for an academic job so that I get more time to write .
After working for 7 years I resigned from multinational development support organization called terre des hommes(Germany) India Porgramme as denuciation of adulery,homosexuality were not being considered to be important in eradicating trafficking of children and women and then AIDS. Worked as a develpment consultant for NGOs and then joined Save the Children ,UK in February 2003 as Programme Manager ,Gujarat Programme.

I have been arguing in personal capacity for consideration of faith based communication as instruments for prevention and care of People Living with AIDS.I have been calling on all the organization to consider faith based instruments urgently as vaccines and condoms are not proving adequate. I appear to be getting positive as well as negative response.I find that seeking guidance of Allah by all in this regard is a categorical imperative.

I have participated in several conferences and seminars on the local and global socio-polical and cultural issues. I have presented critique of the dominant paradigm of the world order with an alternative for consideration of Islamic framework for global consideration,adoption and practice as an instrument for solving the global problems after analysing all the discourses in atheisitc,polythesitic and monotheisitc framework/worldviews/moral universes/information environments.I wish to communicate more for the better interests of the future genrations and then for own own temporal,ecological and eternal wellebing here and now.

I have finished a collection of poems called "40th Century at the End Of Millennia".I wish to suggest more and more engagement of men.women,youths.elders globally in prayers every day as there is an urgent need to have a global mechanism for attaining the Kyoto Protocol emission targets. I wish to mention this to all the youth for furhter consideration, deliberation, adoption and practice while relating to each other in the best prescribed ways.Care of old and children are best done in the family set up.Goerge Bush has been oppossing the framework of implementation of the Kyoto Protocol emission targets without realizing that men and women in US while pursuing atheisitic lifestyles are consume the most.Goerge Bush is correct in seeking global responsibility and action by all. I support George Bush in that and suggest strongly to seek abidance to the commands of Allah/God for this as part of social policy.

I have submitted the above as a conclusion of my work in the just world order inquiries.I am involved in this network of youths considering the need to communicate my findings of psychological studies with an interedesciplinary focus.By sharing the findings I wish to guide men ,women and youth to stay away from the writings of atheists who have denounced institution of family and marriage. I am suggesting best reconciliation of the existential questions in the monotheisitc framework considering the global and local needs.

Please view my updates for more information.There are assertions that may need elaboration. However I suggest utilization of imagination and observation with empathy and then with prayer to God.Through my work I have reverted to practice Islam ( a state of submission to the monotheistic commands communicated through all the messengers across the globe as mentioned in Qur'an. that is book of guidance for people ,who consider and who are pious) peacefully and non-violently.

I am pointing out to all that Islam is an Arabic word and Muslim is an Arabic word too. The word "Islam" is an abstract noun and the word "Muslim" is an adjective for a person submitting himself/herself to the commands of Allah/God/.../../ the Creator of all the skies and earth.

I like to talk to all here in the community and I wish to be part of the community so long I am considered "youthful" enough.
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Dr.M.Mukhtar Alam

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